How to choose colors?

How to choose colors?

A colour has the potential to become one of the most fundamental elements in your home. You can use colours that can brighten your days, make your space appear larger or smaller, or reflect more or less light. Also, colours can also easily identify the type of home you have and even how you make decisions concerning your life. For the interior, you can use existing colours in your furniture and accessories. This factor can be an excellent starting point to transform your home into a harmonious environment.
"It does not matter what treasures lies at the end of the rainbow, for the real treasures and happiness can be found in its colours." Américo Ferreira
The inspiration to choose among colours can be found in many different ways. Depending on what you have in hand, that is, if you want to paint an interior or an exterior, you can do some simple things that will help you find the solution. Try to walk around your neighbourhood to see what colour combinations and schemes you can find, and which ones can be an inspiration to use outside of your home. 
If you plan on painting a room or even the entire interior of your home, you can leaf through decoration books and magazines, visit websites and blogs about this theme, such as our own. Our blog features many articles on the theme, ideas and colour schemes to help you find the right one for your home. Take a look at your own home, on your favourite objects, cushions, sofas, tables or chairs, furniture, etc., and create a colour palette from these.

What type of style are you looking to give your home? Contemporary, traditional or modern? The answer to this simple question may be the key to helping you define the choice of colour palette.
The amount of natural light a room receives drastically affects the intensity of a colour. North-facing or dimly lit rooms may appear lighter if painted with soft colour shades (e.g., white or neutral). 
Nowadays in the paint industry, there are no limits to the number of colours that can be made, the only limit is your imagination. South-facing rooms that receive a lot of light may seem warmer, so you should take this into consideration when choosing the colours to use.
Did you know that choosing colours can influence your life?

• Yellow
The yellow colour can create a sense of happiness providing a feeling of a sunny environment, which will also make the room look brighter. Yellow radiates warmth and is a reflective colour.

• Blue
The blue colour can give a sense of peace of mind, serenity and sense of space. The blue colour has a calming effect on us and on the environment around us.

• Red
The red colour can create a wonderfully warm feeling, passionate with a dash of emotion, and it is recognized as a colour of strength and power.

• Neutral
White and neutral are ideal for creating a clean, classic composition, allowing you to add some of your favourite colour to any space you choose. You have options to choose cooler or warmer white shades, or neutral ones, such as grey, beige, cream and coffee shades.

• Green
The green colour is relaxing and restful to the eyes; it creates a cool, fresh and calm atmosphere. There are different shades of green, including lemon, mint, citrus, or plant leaves, all of them combine with freshness.

• Purple
Decorating a room with purple can create an illusion of grandeur. Lavender is lovely in a baby's crib and you can also easily try a rich eggplant shade for a wall in your living room.